User Profile

Click on "User Profile" to visualize the user profile in the main window

img profilo utente
Item List Description
Login Name Account Name
Change Click to change the password
Save password Memorize the password for future accesses
Add Click to add another contact
Remove Click to remove a contact
Name Visualize the name of the account
Email Email address of the account
Time Zone Choose the Time Zone from a dropdown menu

The password can be resetted by clicking on "Change Password". The following window will popup:


When modifying the password, insert the old one and then the new one in the corresponding fields. Then click "OK"

A new contact where all the various notifications about backups can be added. Click on "Add". The "Add new contact" windows will show.

add contact

Insert the name and the email address in the corresponding field and then click on "OK".

To update the information of a contact, select that contact from the dropdown menu, click on "Properties" and then add the required information.


To delete a contact, select it from the dropdown menu and click "Remove".

It's also possible to modify the Time Zone from the corresponding dropdown menu.

profilo utente zone