Login Window

If using Microsoft Windows, double click on the 1Backup Icon on the desktop or in the tray bar

If using Linux, execute this command from the terminal to start 1Backup's graphical interface

# /opt/bit/bin/RunOBC.sh &

For the first start of 1Backup the login window will appear suggesting the activation of the trial account.

img installazione
Menu Item Description
Language Language
http/https DNS Name of the 1Backup server: backup.1backup.it
Proxy Setting Whether a proxy server is present (address, port, user name, etc..)
User Name Trial account
Password Password for trial account
Contacts Email contact
Submit Confirm and submit the creation of the user
Already an user? If an user already exists on 1Backup server, click here

Click on "Next". Next click on "Already an user?" to open the logon window.

Menu Item Description
User Name User name created
Password Password
Save Password Save the password so it's not requested anymore
Password forgotten Retrive the forgotten password
Options Click here to choose the advanced options "Backup Server" and "Proxy Server"
Backup Server DNS host of 1Backup server: backup.1backup.it
http/https Select the HTTP or the HTTPS protocols
Proxy Set your connection data to the proxy server

Click on the "Options" button to manage the settings of the Backup Server address and Proxy Settings. Configure the backup client inserting in the "Backup Server" field the address of the server: backup.1backup.it

If the server only allows connections on a personalized port, add to the "Server di Backup" field the hostname or the IP address with colon (":") and the desired port (ie: backup.1backup.it:8443).

If HTTPS is selected in the menu under "Backup Server", the client can be configured to communicate with the Server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

Insert your credentials. If the password is forgotten, click on "Password Forgotten" to retrieve it.

Don't try to login with a wrong password for more than 3 tries or the account will be blocked. If the account is blocked, no backup will be performed anymore. In order to reactivate the account please call the Service Provider.

Select the radio box "Use Proxy server to access the backup server" to abilitate the option "Proxy Settings" and insert the required parameters. The V4 and V5 "Sock" proxies are supported without user authentication. Insert the required information and click "OK" to login.