1Backup PC and 1Backup Server are the best choices for backup management, allowing to save data locally on a hard disk USB or on a network NAS as well as remotely on our systems placed in Italian data centers.

1Backup PC and 1Backup Server function autonomously and don't interfere with other backup softwares (eg. Uranium Backup, Acronis, Backup Exec, ARCserve, BackupAssist, SyncBack).
It will be possible to retrieve data even in case of fire, theft and environmental disaster of any kind!

With their user-friendly interface, planning an on-site backup, or an off-site backup, is possible with a few clicks of the mouse; 1Backup allows you to save any document on the PC, pics, CAD drawings, email databases, etc..

If your company requires a more structured backup, then 1Backup Server is the ideal solution. The server version includes modules that can backup the most common database servers like Microsoft SQL Server, MSDE, MySQL and the powerful Oracle.
Moreover, Microsoft Exchange can be backed up on a single email account basis, and a single restore of an email, contact or calendar element can be made.
1Backup Server is used to backup other mail systems like Lotus Domino/Lotus Note, Kerio Connect, Mdaemon.