Options Tab

Click on the "Options" tab to set additional configurations. For instance the temporary directory where to memorize files, the options Follow Link, Volume Shadow Copy or the block transfer.

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Temporary Space

The type of compression determines the compression mode of a specific Backup-Sets.

There are three categories to choose from:

• No Compression
• Normal
• Fast

Fast is used as the default setting

Transfer Blocks Size

The "Transfer Block Size" defines the dimension of a block of data to transfer to the server.

Some firewalls and some proxy server might block the outgoing traffic if the blocks of each packet are bigger than a certain dimension. Therefore it’s useful to set the dimension parameter with an appropriate value.

Select the desired Backup-Set from the menu to modify this setting, then click "Options" and the desired transfer size dimension.

File Permissions

Use this option to choose whether to maintain the permissions defined by the Operative System of the backed up files.