Are there any activation/setup costs?
There are no setup costs, cancellation costs or any hidden costs.
Do I need a fast Internet connection?
No. Apart fron few exceptions, the amount of data product daily from a company does not exceed 1GB. On an average, it’s less that 100MB of data each day. A common ADSL line is suitable for remote backup.
How is the first backup done??
The first backup is certainly the one that requires most time. There are several ways to handle it. Using our backup agent, you do a local backup on an external disk at your company's and then you get your backup support delivered to us (data are encrypted and compressed, so they can’t be read by anybody other than the backup software and by knowing the decryption password). Or we can handle the first backup in an incremental manner, that is, making smaller backups starting from the most important data.
How much is the remote backup?
The cost is essentially determined by the amount of space needed to store own data. It starts from 5GB and can reach one or more TeraByte. Price per GB lowers as the disk space/backup remote space as tier gets higher.
What do I need for the remote backup?
After subscribing, you'll receive directions to download a software to install on the PC/server on which data backup is desired.
This software is a Backup Agent that has to be configured with 3 parameters: Backup server address, username and password, which will be communicated after placing your order.
How much space do I need for a 10GB backup
The backup system compresses data. That determines a saving in terms of space occupied on the remote backup server.
The ratio of compression depends on several factors, related essentially to the type of tile to be backed up.
If 10GB are to be saved, the advice is to buy a plan 50% bigger, because of the space occupied by the Retention of backup
What is the difference between having a PST email archive and the Mail Archive service?
A PST file linked to your own Microsoft Outlook account is not compliant with the current laws, it doesn't guarantee that the contained emails cannot be deleted and/or altered.
Essentially, if you don’t need an intangible email archive, a PST is enough. In other circumstances, you can’t have nothing but an email archiving service that is compliant with determined criteria/norms.
Do I need my own Backup software?
No. We provide you with the backup software.
Why should I remotely archive emails?
There are several advantages of remote email archiving but a couple of them are very important.
From a technical standpoint, archiving emails means to reduce the load on the server of the company thus making it and the email client quicker and more agile. A topic of the uttermost importance is the one about the conservation of information and communications that are exchanged daily with emails, which can be crucial in case of a summons.
A large number of businesses have to keep a safe email archive.
A malicious employee may delete just a few important emails and in such event even the IT support may not be able to retrieve the deleted emails because it wouldn’t notice it
How do I access the archived emails?
Our archiving system has several ways of accessing your own archive; the integration with Microsoft Outlook is made thanks by a plug in.
It is possible to access through the Web with any browser. Email restore is an operation that needs a couple of clicks.
Once archived, can emails be deleted?
Yes and No. It depends on how you set permissions to the users. You can make the email archive to be available to the user without the possibility of deleting any archived email.
Is there a way to add email account on which to archive emails?
Yes. There is a dedicated administrative management panel accessible via web.
Users/archiving accounts can be created from here as well as configuring all the parameters needed for a proper mode of operation.
Can I search among archived emails?
Sure. There are as many ways of researching as Microsoft Outlook offers.
Researches can be performed with the integration plugin with Microsoft Outlook or with the Web interface.
What is backup retention?
When backups are scheduled/planned, you can decide for how long (days, weeks or months) to keep a copy of the backup.
Le's say that every day a remote backup of a very important Excel file that contains data that are constantly updated.
Let's imagine that after some changes our Excel file seems wrong, with incorrect numbers.
In such a circumstance we should go backwards and verify the previous versions of the file to find out when it got wrong.
A 7 day retention in this situations allows to go back up to 7 days from the current date and restore 7 different versions of the same file.


Can I have a customized 1Backup space to offer to my clients?
Yes. You can ask for the "White Label" offering and have a remote backup system for your brand.
This space will allow you to customize the graphics of the remote backup Agent software and the URL/address of the backup server while still guaranteeing the reliability of the basic product.
What is customizable with 1Backup White Label?
The Agent interface of the Remote Backup software can be customized in several aspects.
Some customization samples are available.
Does the White Label offering have a fee?
Si. C'è Yes. There is a small fee for the customization activity.
ask for more details to have further explanations.
Can I resell it to other resellers?
Yes. With the White Label offering you can manage other resellers in addition to clients, and the former can enjoy a White Label version in turn.
Can I autonomously customize the software?
No. When you buy the White Label service and the space on disk for Backup, you will have everything needed and don't have to buy anything else.
Do I have to buy a new server to use the customized version of 1Backup?
No. When you buy the White Label service and the space on disk for Backup, you will have everything needed and don't have to buy anything else.
Can Clients trace back up to 1Backup service?
No. When you opt for the "White Label" version your clients will have the feeling they're using a backup space managed by your company.
There will be no reference to 1Backup service.
Can 1Backup read my clients' backup data and mine?
>No. 1Backup cannot visualize any backup data because they are transmitted already ciphered and encrypted.
1Backup doesn't have the permissions to decrypt your personal data.
Is 1Backup capable of retrieveing data if the personal cryptographic key is lost?
No. Every personal password, including the cryptography's, is not memorized on the system in order to guarantee and safeguard your privacy, therefore once lost it will get impossible to access personal data stored on 1Backup system.