More than 5.000.000 users in the world use the technologies adopted by 1Backup to offer its clients an efficient and secure data storing service. 1Backup offers a service that can be used in every context by means of specific technologies for every Windows, Linux or Mac OS X operating system, be it in a physical environment or in VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine.

Microsoft Linux Apple vmWare Microsoft Hyper-V


The underlying infrastructure is based enterprise tier HPE clusters and storage; the software virtualization architecture is based on VMware technology. 1Backup servers are grouped into several data centres and different clusters in each data centre, thus providing the best performance possible and the best High Availability.

Each piece of data is stored on different storages with modular expansion capacity. Thanks to HPE and VMware technologies, the architecture can be scaled both vertically and horizontally.


The 1Backup service is provided with a network architecture guaranteed with GigaBit connections towards multiple Data Centres.

Italy: 2 Carrier Class Data Centres, interconnected to the Internet and to Milan MIX with mixed and redundant band. The network is 99,99% guaranteed and being monitored by our NOC 24/7.