The White Label offer gives the opportunity of having your own version of the software for Offsite Backup (aka Remote Backup) thanks to system customizations.
Partners, with a little cost, can offer the service directly to clients without having to install their own infrastructure; however, they can have their own Backup host, for example: https://backup.partnername.com
A registered and authentic SSL certificate can be used.
The login page is customized with your image of choice. The Backup Agent is modified according to your requests; modifications include the installation icons, the name of the product, the colour theme and the images.
The mail server that sends notification emails can be yours. There will be no reference to the 1Backup service

An Ad-Hoc Software

The White Label offer allows to customize the whole software.

  • It's not a co-brand
  • Complete customization of graphics (colours/logo) and name of the software
Backup software installation window

Style and images customization

You can access to model to customize the style and images

  • Title bar customized with the name and the logo for your company
  • Branding of the "Information" window
Backup software information window

Customize the installation windows

Customize the software installation procedure windows

  • Use the name of the society in the title bar
  • Insert the name and the logo in the installation window
  • Set your Terms of Use (optional)
Finestra procedura istallazione software backup

Icons customizations

The White Label feature allows to customize the graphic of the icon of the software

  • Desktop icon customized with the logo of your company
  • Customized uninstall icon
Backup software installation icon